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What is a burin ?

It is a tool

       Simple, the same as Durer or Jean Duvet used,
in the XVI th century.A blade and a handle.

A tool -
      Sharp, which ploughs fine or deep lines in the metal.

A tool -
      Final, which does not, or hardly, allow "repentance".

A tool -
      Which draws pure lines.

A tool -
      Which demands manual skill of great care and precision.

And Time

Time -
      which takes place between creative thinking and execution.

Time -
      which may (in the best of cases) further reflexion.

      or workmanship which imparts to the work its specifie character

Time -
      which dictates a way of working and therefore a way of being.


Louis-René Berge


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Burin and what else ?


Extract of a text
edited in "Les nouvelles de l'estampe."

Listen to Louis-René Berge
interview in french on Canal-Académie
in 2008

 Text by Claude-Louis Combet
extract of the "catalogue raisonné"
of Louis-René Berge



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